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Typing Guru’s Typing Tutor Software for Hindi Kruti Font helps beginners to easily and effortlessly improve speed and accuracy. This software is designed to help beginners to crack typing exams conducted by government departments. Software helps through its interactive features like character by character learning, word by word learning and games. Software tracks words per minutes speed and accuracy.

Learn Touch Typing

Improve typing speed

Improve typing accuracy

Cracking Typing Tests

Be more productive

Interactive Training

Typing Guru Tutor designed for interactive training. It helps in speed building , improves typing accuracy and hence makes more productive. Monitor your Tying speed that is word per minute and accuracy percentage after completion of each lesson.
Typing Tutor includes thirteen sessions each session includes three lessons. First Lesson focuses on characters, second lesson focuses on words and third lesson focuses on paragraph. In first and second lesson tutor helps in finding right key required to be pressed but in second key the user have to find by its own.
In typing tutor we can change the time for a particular lesson or for the entire lesson by one button click, varying from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Thus helps the user to apply more time on particular lesson or all the lessons.
Typing Guru offers multiple free typing games. There are 3 types of learn type games:a. Bubbles – Help user to focus on worlds with ease and funb. WordTris – In this game concentration is on wordsc. Clouds – This game again focuses user mind towards words.
It is highly recommended to complete all the lessons before beginning with games as this is the core for learning touch typing correctly while the type games are the place to implement it. Obviously, fun is an essential element for educational practice and therefore there’s no need to get too strict with these guidelines. Just enjoy each of the free typing game. Remember, from time to time, to take a typing test and compare it to your previous result. Besides the encouragement, monitoring your progress is also important to point out your weakness points.


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