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If you are doing yoga so its very good idea because your health is good after future so mostly people are doing yoga in morning activity yoga is nascency old men also doing yoga and yung also doing yoga different types yoga but most of the time people small small yoga doing activity its good one more thing you are doing yoga so your hall day fresh and your mind also fresh not relies the body pain you can doing yoga anywhere not need to big pluse you are doing your home also but first to foll you can learning yoga what types of yoga activity process so after that you can try no need to teacher yoga is word wide doing people like men and women not a more then one hours doing yoga like you don’t have to much time so you can doing twity minitus inf so many people every morning whup and doing yoga everyday yoga is not a bad thing yoga is a good thing may be its should be compulsory yoga if you are doing yoga so your future life will be better so my point of you yoga a good for example you are old men and you are not capble doing gym how to doing excess gym process so that’s time yoga is better option my be like that some time poor people can not


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